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Why should I learn Excel

Why should I learn Excel

Learn Excel - Why it's Worth it

Excel, bit of a boring subject right…? Well, perhaps, but even those boring subjects need discussing, and Microsoft Excel is just one of them.

No matter whether you are a student, retired, a small one-person business or big hitter in the corporate world, it is very likely that Microsoft Excel can and should be a part of your life, making your life easier. The trick is, to get Excel working for you, and not the other way around.

My Excel Journey

I remember back to the late 1990’s, being in the Royal Air Force on a Harrier Squadron, living in Germany. Computers were the new shiny thing, and I did a one-day course on Excel. It all seemed very strange, but good, and I left that course, not to see Excel again for many years as in the roles I did, we just didn’t use it. I am not saying we didn’t need it though; we just didn’t use it!

Fast forward twenty years when I then started to use Excel in the workplace. Looking back, I literally had no idea, even though I could bumble my way around the platform. I saw lots of icons and stayed well away from most of them, and as for formulas, well that seemed like something other people would use, not me.

So, I continued, learning a little bit here and there, taking one step forward, and often one step back, with very limited knowledge of what Excel could do for me. I am sure I wasted countless days and possibly weeks using it in the way I did, not to mention the mistakes I would have made, and headaches caused!

I spent many hours looking online about this and that, about Excel, much of which didn’t help me a great deal as it seemed like it was all in a different language.

It then dawned on me, that perhaps I should go and get some proper Excel training, so I did. If only I had of thought about doing it years before.

I went literally from zero to hero, from being really poor with Excel to being the person who people would come to for some advice. I am not saying that I was an absolute wizard, as I had a full-time job to contend with, but knowing about Excel made my work life so much easier, effective and efficient, with less mistakes!

Fast forward a few more years, we deliver Microsoft Excel training both in the workplace, and online for those who would rather learn at home, in their own time. The way we look at our training is that it must be engaging, meaningful and of the highest quality, meaning that people will truly upskill. And that is why we also deliver Microsoft Excel training in London and the south east, as well as online.

We are very soon about to launch our learn as you go Microsoft Excel courses. If you have any questions, then pop us a message and we shall be pleased to help.

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