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Online Excel Courses

Learn as you go online Excel courses

Main Uses of Excel

Microsoft Excel is widely used around the world, by individuals and businesses. It is the best known and most used spreadsheet, which is a big reason why many people learn Excel.

Excel is commonly used for analysing, sorting, reporting and storing data. Excel can be used for a huge variety of reasons, from simple lists to complex data sheets with formulas. Excel can store your data, whether it be a To-Do list, contact list, project information, statistical analysis, complex data and much more.

Whether you are a student, retired, run your own business or are in a large organisation, having Excel skills will help you to get organised, effective and efficient.

Our Online Excel Courses

Our Excel training courses provide people with the skills to help them get the best out of Excel, increasing confidence and competence. Our courses are designed to take you through the areas of Excel that will help you to get Excel working for you.

We have gone to great lengths to design our online ‘learn as you go’ courses. Our courses are split into modules, with each module having a number of sessions. Each session has a crafted video, taking you through the steps of the session. Along with the video you will have a Excel workbook so that you can go through the steps of the session. You can do this as many times as you wish.

Benefits of our ‘learn as you go’ Excel courses

· Developed in the UK by our trainers

· Cognition Training and Consultancy is based in Surrey

· Fully online with no time limits

· Crafted videos which bring your learning to life

· Approximate duration of each course is between 4 and 6 hours

· Digital certificate

· Free 1:1 online half hour coaching call for everybody