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Introduction to Excel

Introduction to Excel

Online Study for 1 Person


Get to grips with the basics of Microsoft Excel, using our online course, at your own pace. The modules are specifically designed for self-paced learning and will help you to soon start feeling confident and competent.

The course is designed for:

· Absolute Beginners

· Those with a basic knowledge who want to get the basics right

Whether you have been using Excel for some time but still feel you need guidance or an absolute beginner with zero knowledge this course will get you using Excel in a basic competent way.

You will learn all you need to get you up and running and able to use Excel in a meaningful way.

Our online course is divided into bite size modules, where you can watch videos, clearly explaining both the theory and practice to ensure you truly understand. You will be able to watch the videos as many times as you like during your course, and you will also have downloadable excel documents to practice with and keep.

All you need is a computer, some time and a quiet space and we are confident you will get off the ground with Excel.

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