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1 day course for up to 10 people

Could this be the biggest thing holding you back?

One of the first questions we may ask is ‘What is Emotional Intelligence?’

Emotional Intelligence is being aware of and able to control one's own emotions as well as being socially aware and able to handle interpersonal relationships objectively and with empathy’

The next question we may ask is ‘Why do I need this?’

It is a proven fact that those people who have higher emotional intelligence are more likely to succeed in their professional lives.

The good news is that we can all improve our emotional intelligence. Doing so will be likely to have amazing changes to your life.

We may know (or even be that person!) that has the right skill set and potential but is not reaching it. This may well be due to aspects such as self awareness, social awareness and the decisions we make, often made with our emotions. To put some context on this, have you ever sent that e-mail that you later regretted or had that conversation which didn’t actually help you at all?

The Thrive with Emotional Intelligence workshop is designed to help people develop their understanding of the subject and be able to reflect and consider as they move forwards, enabling changes which will pay back absolute dividends! Trust us, it works!

The course will help:

  • Leaders
  • Those who seem to self sabotage
  • Those who may have received 360 feedback and wish to improve
  • In fact, most people could benefit!

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