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2 hr session for up to 10 people

Get your head in the clouds

Providing the skills required to start using the cloud with competence and confidence.

MS OneDrive has now been around for a while and is Microsoft's version of the cloud. Many people use it either at work or at home. Yet many people are yet to unleash the power of working with or in the cloud. 

Although many will be able to find their way around by trial and error, there are some aspects to the OneDrive that many people are not using, such as the amazing search function and version history.

This Course will provide you with the skills required to start using OneDrive with competence and confidence.

The course will benefit a variety of people:

  • Those who would benefit from a quick start session to get them going
  • Those who have never used OneDrive
  • Those who are basic users and would benefit from a hands-on workshop
  • Managers who seek to help their staff

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